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Aroha Kaikorai Valley

It's time to make a change

The magnificent Kaikorai Valley is home to a large community with a mix of industrial and residential buildings and magnificent green spaces. The centrepiece of Kaikorai Valley is Kaikorai Stream, which threads its way through many historical features and modern developments. It has seen the best and worst of times. Now it's time for us to band together and make a difference.

Aroha Kaikorai Valley (AKV) is a registered charity, community and business-led organisation. Together, we can bring about massive change. We can eliminate weeds and pests, plant native plants to enhance our environment while attracting birds and cleaning up our waterways. 

Some great work has already been started by various organisations and AKV is hoping to build on that progress by teaming business support with people power to make Kaikorai Valley as beautiful and healthy as possible.


Active traps


Rats removed


Mustelids removed


Possums removed


Hedgehogs removed


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Friendly reminder that tonight's regular Thursday meeting has been postponed a week so we can partake in Spotlight On Possums with the rest of Dunedin. We'll meet at 381 Kaikorai Valley Rd on Thursday 20 June at 5.30pm. RSVP here: Here's a possum caught on camera in Kaikorai Valley at Christmas time.
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Come and join us for a winter series, watching 'Fight for the Wild'. This beautiful production showcases the beauty of New Zealand and how we can protect our precious wildlife. Keep warm by the fire and enjoy the popcorn and kai with like-minded people. This will be hosted at the AKV HQ in the Turboweb building, 381 Kaikorai Valley Road, every Thursday in July at 5.30pm. Episode 1: 'Loss' - Thursday 4 July. Episode 2: 'Defiance' - Thursday 11 July. Episode 3: 'Battle' - Thursday 18 July. Episode 4: 'Hope' - Thursday 25 July. Come and watch one, or watch all! You don't need to have seen the previous episodes to understand the next one, but we recommend seeing them all! RSVP: at or email Fight for the Wild trailer: Image courtesy of
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AKV is supporting Spotlight on Possums. We have a menu of options for you! Starter package: shine a torch in your own back yard and look for possums, some time between the 15th and 23rd of June. Deluxe upgrade: come and join us at the AKV base, 381 Kaikorai Valley at 5.30pm, Thursday 20 June. Bring your brightest torch and your phone. We’ll be splitting into teams to go possum hunting around Kaikorai Valley! Combo supreme: shine a torch in your own back yard AND come and join us at the spotlight event on the 20th of June!! Details of the Dunedin-wide event can be found here:
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Solid effort by our community!
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Come and join us Thursday 9 May to learn how to monitor birdlife! The meeting will run from 5.30-6.30pm. Meet at the Turboweb building, next to the Aroha Kaikorai Valley shed, 381 Kaikorai Valley Rd. Contact for more information.
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Nearly 300! numbers are climbing as we head into the busy season.
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Come and join us for a 'Meet the Predators' evening this Thursday 11 April from 5.30-6.30pm. Meet at the Turboweb building, next to the Aroha Kaikorai Valley shed, 381 Kaikorai Valley Rd. We'll introduce you to the main predators of Kaikorai Valley and how they came to be in NZ in the first place. You'll learn ways to help our precious native wildlife, like this cute bellbird. Contact for more information.
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Happy Otago Anniversary Day to our beautiful native wildlife! Our whole province is 32,000 sq km, but here at AKV, we've been working hard to make our small patch of Ōtākou a better place to be for our native birds.
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