Aroha Kaikorai Valley planting

Aroha Kaikorai Valley

It's time to make a change

The magnificent Kaikorai Valley is home to a large community with a mix of industrial and residential buildings and magnificent green spaces. The centrepiece of Kaikorai Valley is Kaikorai Stream, which threads its way through many historical features and modern developments. It has seen the best and worst of times. Now it's time for us to band together and make a difference.

Aroha Kaikorai Valley (AKV) is a registered charity, community and business-led organisation. Together, we can bring about massive change. We can eliminate weeds and pests, plant native plants to enhance our environment while attracting birds and cleaning up our waterways. 

Some great work has already been started by various organisations and AKV is hoping to build on that progress by teaming business support with people power to make Kaikorai Valley as beautiful and healthy as possible.


Number of active traps

Week: 0

Total: 7

Rats removed

Week: 0

Total: 0

Mustelids removed

Week: 0

Total: 6

Possums removed

Week: 0

Total: 0

Hedgehogs removed

Week: 0

Total: 25

Others removed

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