The AKV Mission

Aroha Kaikorai Valley
Aroha Kaikorai Valley

The Trust's mission has five major parts:

  1. People - bring people together with a common goal

  2. Plants - replace weeds with native plants and significant trees

  3. Predators - remove predators from our valley

  4. Water - clean water in Kaikorai Stream to the sea

  5. Birds - look after our precious birds

We see AKV as a vehicle to work with business and community groups to help facilitate the general overall health and improvement of the valley environment

The Goals

It is a long term project where small incremental changes will help bring these goals to fruition. Change will come from awareness, education and action. If we can gather enough people motivated to dovetail into the great work already being done we can make a difference.

Contact us if you'd like to know more about getting involved.