Project Area

Aroha Kaikorai Valley - Where to start

Aroha Kaikora Valley Bellbird
Aroha Kaikora Valley Bellbird

We have defined a loose area to focus on but the long term view is to be supporting projects anywhere in the valley right down to the estuary and the coastline. 

Really it's a question of where to start

The obvious starting point is the area each side of the stream and then working out and up the valley walls.

The map below shows a starting boundary, but think of it as an indication of what the future might hold.

Imagine this:

  1. The water in the stream as clean as it can be
  2. Weeds removed and replaced with natives
  3. Strategic planting of significant trees
  4. A trap on every residential and commercial section
  5. The valley filled with birdsong

The valley is nicely positioned to connect Glenleith, The Town Belt and Chain hills together as a a corridor for birds to move around the different areas of Dunedin.

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